Friday, 9 September 2011

Salmon Fever- Thurso Beat 9

On beat 11 the blades of the windfarm appeared over the hill in the distance. On beat 9 it's in your face. The photo shows the view of the farm across the Mill Stream running into the Broad Pool bordered by the ancient Iron Age broch of Achbhodiachean. There had been more rain overnight and the river level looked perfect. The top pool, Jamie Sutherlands yielded nothing and it wasn't until about 10.30 at the very tail of the Broad Pool that I got a nice 7lb grilse on a reddish conehead tied by Alan Youngson. The next fish came on the Upper Tormsdale Pool in mid-afternoon. It took one of Hugo Ross' largish orange Pot Belly Pigs and weiged in at 11lb, the biggest of the week so far.
     Late in the afternoon a Hen Harrier appeared hunting in among the wind turbines, a pleasing confirmation that nature isn't as bothered as some of the Nimbys. These are very rare birds, much persecuted in the past because of their taste for grouse.
    In the evening Alan Youngson put on a sinking line and Spey casted his way into two large hens within half an hour of each other on Upper Tormsdale. They were carefully returned.

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