Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Salmon Fever-Thurso Beat 2

Phew, what a relief. Two fish landed and a good start to the week. As ever it should have been more. Fishermen talk more about the ones that got away. I put it down to rustiness, a fly badly tied on and a line tangle just at the moment of take. Oh well, we still have the rest of the week. That's the executive summary. Fishing began at 6.00am effectively at first light. As usual, very early morning fishing disappointed and the Aimster Pool yielded nothing. It wasn't until 8.30am that I got the first pull on the Mill Stream Pool, pictured above. It turned out to be a largish hen fish that took me 50 yards downstream and was almost in the net when the fly parted company with the nylon leader. She was going back anyway so it made no difference. Second strike came a bit further down, this time a nice fresh 5lb grilse, nice for the table and a good centrepiece for our fisherman's dinner on Friday night. Then a rather languid mid morning spell until 11.15am on Eadie's pool. It was a second nice grilse fresh from the sea. Pm was less productive until the tangle and take. I ended up not being able to use my reel and was trying to play the fish by pulling directly on the line. He saw me coming there and was off after about 3 minutes.
The flies I used were tied by local architect and fisherman, George Harper, so thanks George. Thanks also to Alan youngson, my fishing companion who dispensed valuable advice cast by cast.
    Today I have beat 13 so call back later.

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