Friday, 23 September 2011

Fishing on the Wick River

The Wick is a delightful spate river that provides excellent sport for members of the local association and visitors. Value for money fiends may like to note that the season ticket on the Wick is about the same price as half a day on the Thurso! The river can be divided into lower middle and upper sections, the latter above the village of Watten. I have rarely fished the top section but did so last week. The fishable sections have wonderful names. Scorriclet is the name of the farm in the photo, only accessible to vehicles by a ford over the river or the bridge. Not handy if you run out of coffee in a spate and have to nip into the village store. It was abandoned some time ago. Above that is Badlibster and another abandoned farmhouse. The river was kind to me and I landed a nice 6lb grilse there last monday. Above Badlibster the river divides and I followed the main right fork up into the hill. When I disturbed two red deer hinds near Kensary farm I decided I had gone far enough and turned back.
      Added to the Thurso catch described in earlier blogs, I had the very unusual problem of freezer space but cometh the hour cometh cousin Eric, artisan salmon smoker extraordinaire. His sequence of salting, marinading in his secret recipe, hanging and smoking in his garden Tardis gives  superb succulent  sides, much appreciated by local aficionados.

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