Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Salmon Fever - Thurso Beat 13

A bit stiff this morning after the heroics on Beat 2 yesterday. I didn't dream about salmon however. Todays challenge was Beat 13. On the the Thurso rotation system, the bottom beat is followed by the top, flowing from Loch More, full to the brim as you can see in today's picture. It's only really a good beat in spring high water so for most of the year it isn't lucky and lives up to its unfortunate number. Some would call it a dour beat, but I now reserve that wonderful Scottish adjective for discussion of  Gordon Brown's character. I suppose we can hardly blame the fish; if they make it to beat 13, it's just a short hop into Loch More and freedom from the prying flies of murderous anglers.
      At least the scenery is fantastic with vast views out over the Caithness peat flow country towards the Scarabens and Morven on the Caithness/Sutherland border.
     I fished the beat down to Loch Beg and then did most of the lower section below the loch. The water was nice and streamy, very grilsy but I didn't see a fish. All this preamble  of course means a blank score sheet, but that's hardly unusual. The rotation follows the odd beats down river so tomorrow it's Beat 11.

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