Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Line

A helium assisted Majesty reigns over our celebration of her diamond jubilee. Rain did affect play, driving the event from a leaky gazebo into the house.
     Commentators at every point on the royalist-republican spectrum have remarked on the pointlessness of  questioning the role of the monarchy at this point in history. The Queen has done a terrific job of  doing very little as titular Head of State. It will be up to her sucessors to try to maintain this position; no easy task. A Stuart comeback in an independent Scotland is the only threat (literary)on the horizon.

Meanwhile, on with the party where royal and not so royal celebrity masks were worn to confuse the children and patriotic fervour reached such heights that English wine was drunk with a  red, white and blue pudding.

Then all round the tele to see the Thames pageant, like viewing the Queen after Christmas lunch. It looked like the poor relation of similar events in previous centuries- not enough sails and oars and something of an ordeal for the royals, standing for four hours in the cold damp conditions. The evening concert looked like good fun with something for everyone from across the Queen's years. 
Roll on 2022.

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